Why Pocketing with Throw?


Why “Pocketing with Throw (CIT)”?

It has been said that the only way to learn how to pocket balls in pool is to “Hit a Million Balls.” Unfortunately, unless you are naturally very good at pocketing, this approach is extremely inefficient, because it involves lots of trial and a great deal of error. These errors manifest themselves as missed shots.

Noted author, Daniel Coyle, has written two great books on how your brain functions during skill development, The Talent Code and The Little Book of Talent. He emphasizes that the most efficient way to train is through repetition of “correctness” and avoidance of “incorrectness”. And, that each time you perform any action, either correct or incorrect, you train the neural pathway of that particular action in your brain. The more times you stimulate the neural pathway for “correctness” (making the shot) vs. “incorrectness” (missing the shot), the stronger and sooner that the “making the shot” pathway manifests itself in your brain as a learned skill.

So, the purpose of “POCKETING WITH Contact Induced Throw” is to create an environment for many more “makes” than “misses”, thus providing a more efficient, scientific way to improve pocketing skills.