"Pocketing With Throw takes guesswork out of aiming. Players with solid stroke, stance, and yes, aim fundamentals, who can't understand why they miss the pocket, will now understand--and pocket more balls than before. The Pocketing With Throw table templates make adjusting for throw simple and fun. Players of all levels will benefit greatly!" -- Matt Sherman, author, Picture Yourself Shooting Pool


-- Matt Sherman

Guide to Pool and Billiards, About.com

Instruction Staff, InsidePool Magazine

Author, book/DVD combo, Picture Yourself Shooting Pool

“I’m a very analytical player, so understanding how and why things work is

important to me. Why aiming with friction works for me, is because it

reinforced my belief of how precise you must be to play this game at a

high level. I know now that a ball can be thrown a maximum of 5.1° with a

soft stun stroke. Since using Pocketing With Throw, I now have a better

understanding of aim.”

-- Beau Runningen - Co-owner On The Wire Creative Media and one of the top players on the Mezz West State Tour.