How “Aiming With Friction using the Cut Shot Calculator” works... How it works


Close up view of the actual cue ball/object ball interaction from the First Practice Shot in the instruction manual.

    Here’s the same shot at a slow pace. Please notice the additional throw indicated by the alignment of the yellow target cue ball almost completely out of the pocket(4.7°).

    When struck at a slow pace with center stun, the object ball will throw into the center of the pocket. “Aiming With Friction” allows you to set this up consistently and practice it until you develop a “feel” for this kind of shot.

    You save the time of experimenting, failing, un-learning the failure and relearning success.


    This is a one half ball shot along the left rail, using the Left Template. The Cut Shot Calculator is set for Medium Speed Stun, or 3.6° of throw.