What’s Included

  1. 1.Instruction Booklet with detailed instructions, numerous graphics and “Aiming Style” comparisons.

2. Three detailed (to the 1/1000 of an inch) on-the-table, ultra thin (.47mm) polyester shooting  templates.

3. Cut Shot Calculator Transparency.

4. Range of Throw Chart for various angles, cue ball speeds and spins.

  1. 5.Practice Sequences for corner and side pockets


Welcome To “Aiming With Friction”

    A Close up view of the Left Template and the Cut Shot Calculator transparency.

        The One Ball acts as a ‘hub’ for the transparency, which can be set for 0° to the maximum on the Range of Throw Chart, 5.1°.

    Here, it is set for 3.6° of throw, which is the setting for 1/2 Full, 30° medium speed stun. You would place your cue ball in line with the small red 30° circle and shoot so that the cue ball arrives sliding at a medium speed and with no side spin.


It has often been said that the only way to learn how to pocket balls is to “hit a million balls.” Unfortunately, unless you are naturally very good at pocketing, this approach will involve a lot of missing. The likely result is that you will probably become very proficient at missing shots, and a great deal of re-training will be required to rewire your brain for making shots.

Aiming With Friction using the Cut Shot Calculator is the only practical method for aiming which takes into account the Contact Induced Throw caused by friction. Because the measured tolerances are to within 0.1°,  it is the most accurate way to practice pocketing available today.

            While practicing the Aiming With Friction method, your miss percentages will be greatly reduced, and very little will need be “un-learned”.  So, instead of just “hitting a million balls” by trial and error, you’ll literally be “making thousands of balls” accurately and on purpose!

Click on YouTube icon to see a video explanation of Aiming With Friction: